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The Sociocracy for Schools course aims to support people in schools, learning communities, educational projects and organisations with the implementation of a democratic governance based on sociocracy. The course is aimed at educators, school managers, parents, students and anyone else interested in applying democratic governance in an educational setting. In the course you will learn practical skills to implement sociocracy in your own context, whether in a school, community, university, organisation or family.

This course is based on learning through experience, as you will be organised into small groups to practice consent-based decision-making and open elections, which can be applied in any meeting with students, staff and parents. It also includes time for the participants to build a circle structure and learn the sociocratic decision-making process through role play with real examples that we collected from schools around the world. Participants are also invited to bring their own topics to the circle, so we can practice with issues relevant to the group.

The intention is the empowerment of the participants as you will have a chance to develop facilitation skills to immediately apply sociocracy in your context after the course.  We offer a public course on a regular basis and you can also book a private training, which we can adapt to your own needs. Please get in touch via email to inquire:

School Circle Meeting - sociocracy for schools

“This course was a wonderful mix of theory and practice, hands-on experiences. I came away feeling inspired and encouraged to begin practicing sociocracy in my work and personal life. Mari and Charlie are skilled facilitators, and their passion and warmth shines through. Just the right length, great value for money, and a nice way to connect with like-minded people around the world.”
Eloise Rickman – Parent Educator & Author,
A Beautiful Childhood (UK)

I learned a lot about how to communicate in a fair and equal way. I think this method can be applied in many different situations and I hope my colleagues are as enthusiastic as I am. I will definitely be trying to implement the ideas at my school.”
Megan Morlok, Highschool teacher
Greenshoots International School (Vietnam)

“The course was beyond my expectations as theory was so well intact with practice. Mari and Charlie know incredibly much on sociocracy and it’s outstanding that they deliver the content in such a calm, positive and creative way. I loved that there is given a lot of attention to grasping the method by allowing the participants to dwell in it and where needed, adding guidance.
It was a very hands on experience.”

Indrè, Teacher, International School of Vilnius (Lithuania)

Really brilliant facilitation from Mari and Charlie. Having done a number of zoom based classes in the past year, this one felt the most ‘held’ and supportive. I learned so much more than I thought could be possible in the time frame. They made a potentially daunting topic seem completely accessible and achievable.”
Naomi Clarke, Writer & Site Manager
East Kent Sudbury (UK)

“Mari and Charlie have crafted a course that embodies the principles and processes of sociocracy. They give all the nuts and bolts, but the real learning comes through participation in the sociocratic process, which is woven throughout the course. A good mix of theory and practice.”
David Wessels, Garden Coordinator/Teacher, Troy Howard Middle School (USA)

Sociocratic Organization Structure - sociocracy for schools


Sociocracy is a method of governance based on dialogue and inclusion of all people in the decision-making process, in a way that all voices are heard and integrated.

This model is an alternative to majority rule decision-making, which frequently generates exclusion of minorities, segregation and resistance to change.

The principles of sociocracy that will be covered in the course are:

1. Consent – decision-making based on no objections
2. Circle – group with aim and domain, using rounds and consent decision-making
3. Sociocratic Election – open selection of roles based on consent
4. Double Links – feedback and communication between circles


Who is the course for?
The course is aimed at educators, school managers and staff, parents, students and anyone else interested in applying democratic governance in an educational setting. You will learn practical skills to implement sociocracy in your own context, whether in a school, community, university, organisation or family.

Format of training: Online (Zoom)

Duration of training: 12 hours – 6 sessions (2 hours each)

Film and Q&A:  1st session is a School Circles screening and Q&A with directors

Max number of participants: 12

After the initial 12 hour training, we offer consultation to mentor the participants with the implementation of sociocracy. The aim is to support you with the continuity of the methodology.

Youth for Human Rights - sociocracy for schools


mind map
  • 4 Principles of Sociocracy

    • Consent
    • Circle
    • Sociocratic Selection
    • Double Link
  • Decision-making process:

    • Picture Forming
    • Proposal Shaping
    • Consent Decision-Making
  • School Circle Structures

  • Integrating objections

  • Facilitation practice

  • 4 Roles in a circle

  • Creating meeting agendas

  • Recording minutes

  • Conflict Mediation

  • Board / Mission circle

  • Vision, Mission, Aims


We simplified the Sociocratic Decision-making Process in 3 steps!

This is a great resource to implement Sociocracy with children and with any group that wants to keep it simple!
We teach how to facilitate a sociocratic decision-making process in our Sociocracy for Schools Course. 



The course includes the exhibition of the training version of School Circles documentary (46 min), which was produced by the facilitators. The film serves as support for learning the practice of sociocracy in schools and beyond.

School Circles is an independent documentary that explores the practice of six democratic schools in the Netherlands. The film shows students, teachers and staff members coming together to dialogue, discuss proposals, mediate conflicts and make decisions about their school life.

These schools not only challenge the mainstream education, but also democracy as we know it. They put into practice sociocracy, a method for collective organisation based on a systems perspective, in which the decisions are made by integrating all the voices through consent.

School Circles connects the theory of sociocracy to its practice within schools, taking us to new possibilities of organising ourselves and our communities.

School Circles poster - sociocracy for schools
school material


Materials Included:

  • Screening of School Circles Training version (46 min)

  • School Circles full length version (1h 27min)

  • Interview with Gerard Endenburg and Annewiek Reijmer (The Sociocracy Group)

  • Sociocracy for Schools Handbook

  • Sociocratic Decisions in School – Role Play Cards

  • Google folder with course materials

  • Community on Whatsapp



We offer the course to the public on a regular basis. Join our Waiting List and look out for our next courses on our Events page.

Sliding Scale: We offer 3 different prices to make this course more accessible to people who need financial support. You can choose one of the 3 prices, according to your financial condition.

  • Sustainability: Supports the sustainability of the course and allows people who need financial support to pay the lowest price.
  • Sufficiency: Allows the maintenance of the course. This is the average amount expected per participant.
  • Affordability: This is a reduced price to make the course more accessible to those who need financial support. This is only possible with the support from the people  paying the “sustainable” price.



We offer the same training (12h) for private groups, which we can schedule according to your availability. Please fill this Form with your available dates and times and we’ll get back to you. We can also tailor or adapt the course to your needs. Just send us an email to: 

Sliding Scale: We offer 3 different prices to make the course more accessible to all kinds of organisations and groups accross different countries. You can choose one of the 3 prices, according to your organisation’s financial condition. Additionally, if your organisation is from a country with a low purchasing power and you can’t afford the minimum price, please get in touch and we can make you an affordable offer.

  • Sustainability: Supports the sustainability of our work and allows groups who need financial support to pay the lowest price.
  • Sufficiency: Allows the maintenance of the course. This is the average amount expected per group.
  • Affordability: This is a reduced price to make the course more accessible to groups that need financial support. This is only possible with the support from the groups  paying the “sustainable” price.

* These prices are the total amount for the whole group. We can offer a private training to a group with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 12 people. A group with 2 to 6 people would have 1 facilitator and a group with 7 to 12 people would have 2 facilitators.
* If you would like to book the course for a larger number of people, we can offer the same course to two or more groups.


We offer consultation on Sociocracy in Education to schools, learning communities, organisations and families. This option is suitable for people who already took our course or another training on sociocracy, otherwise we would start the consulting process with a private training. The aim is to support the group with the continuity of the methodology. The duration and frequency of these sessions can vary according to the group’s needs.

If you are looking for consultation please get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a video call to understand your context and needs in order to co-create a tailored proposal: 

“A great course for those who want to know and understand how to use Sociocracy. The contents are very clear, with many practical exercises that allow us to experience being in the role of facilitators. I definitely recommend it!
Maria Coelho Rosa, Technical Director,
Between (Portugal)

“It was very special this training in Sociocracy. Marianne and Charlie conducted the sessions in a very gentle, communicative and enthusiastic way. The exercises in sub-circles are important moments of co-learning and co-creating. Marianne and Charlie are very kind in sharing their own experience and lots of information, which is very inspiring.”
Teresa Teofilo, Teacher, State School, Portugal

“A great course – very practical and authentic. After each session I had something new I wanted to implement straight away, so it was also empowering in that sense. “
Claudia Gray, Director, Ako Space
(New Zealand)

“The hours always flew by. The course was very well structured and the materials given will be very useful to implement sociocracy in my context. One of the best parts of the course was the possibility to experience the sociocratic process. The course had just the right amount of theory and then it was all practice. What in the beginning seemed a bit difficult to grasp was at the end internalized.”
Teresa Sopas Soares, Fellow, Teach for Portugal

I really enjoyed the training with Charlie and Mari. They were patient and clear, answering all our questions. They made us feel very relaxed and able to take on board all the new material. The training was very eye opening for me and I recommend to any organisation.”
Tessa Round, Founder
Las Tortugas Curiosas (Spain)


Charlie Shread and Marianne Osorio started Wondering School in 2016, an independent research project that investigates practices of a liberating education. Together, they visited more than 40 progressive schools and education projects around the world and produced the School Circles documentary in 2018. In the same year they became Sociocracy trainers with John Buck and Edwin John, and since then have co-facilitated workshops in India, Austria, Germany, Portugal and online. Currently they give talks and workshops, participate in Q&As in universities, communities and organizations, and offer training and consulting to schools, educators and youth activists wishing to implement Sociocracy and Democratic Education in their own contexts.

Marianne Osorio - sociocracy for schools facilitator

Marianne Osório is a Brazilian educator, researcher and facilitator of democratic practices in learning communities. Master of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment from the University College of London (UCL), and former science teacher in a state school in Brazil, her focus has been the praxis of a liberating education, according to Paulo Freire.

Charlie Shread - sociocracy for schools facilitator

Charlie Shread is an independent British filmmaker, video editor and sound designer, with a BA in Film Production from the Arts University Bournemouth. In 2011, he co-founded the community group Change The Future, which explored the redesign of democracy. Currently he also work as facilitators in Kubrio (former Galileo), an online international Self Directed Education platform.


Visit our School Circles  website to see more resources on Sociocracy in Schools.

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