Wondering School is a project that investigates and supports the practice of a liberating education.

The project was created in 2016 as a journey to explore, learn with and share a range of democratic and humanizing education practices around the world.

We encounter and collaborate with people in schools, communities, informal education projects and organizations. Together we co-create projects, facilitate workshops and learning experiences, and create resources, such as films, to stimulate reflection and action to recreate school education in alignment with the values of an emancipatory education.

Our vision is to grow learning communities based on dialogue, conscientization, freedom (interdependence) and engagement with the world. Through our WS journey we’ve been searching for answers and finding new questions, in a continuous process of learning and becoming. Our discovery is the process itself.

School as practice of freedom?
A dialogue between theory and practice

A case study of two schools in Brazil, exploring the concept of education as practice of freedom (Paulo Freire) and identifying possibilities and challenges to its development within school.


This map shows all the schools, projects, communities and groups that we have engaged with – almost all with a democratic or progressive practice in some level.

Some of them we visited for a day, some for a week, and others for months. With some we developed research and co-created projects, and in a few we have volunteered/worked in for months or years – even before Wondering School existed. This is a record of our journey, learning with people and growing together.


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