In this presentation at the Child Friendly Community Conference (2020), we share an extract from School Circles film to illustrate how children can make collective decisions using Sociocracy. We explain the main principles of this governance system and its relation to democracy, show examples of School Circle Structures and share how decisions are made based on consent. This presentation is a case study of the schools we recorded for School Circles, as we relate the theory of Sociocracy to its practice in an education context.

Interview with Marianne Osório and Charlie Shread hosted by Sebastian Zulueta (2021)
In this conversation with Seba, a member of Sociocracia Práctica and our fellow colleague from the ISCB – International Sociocracy Certification Board, we talk about Sociocracy in Schools and the relation between this governance system and a Liberating Education. We also explore the principles of a democratic education, such as a democratic governance that includes the students in decision-making.

Podcast with Marianne Osório and Charlie Shread hosted by Nikoline Arns (Impact Boom, 2018)
Marianne and Charlie discuss how schools may become places which democratise decision making, focusing on abilities, strengths and critical thinking whilst creating environments which value lifelong learning.

Podcast with Charlie Shread and Marianne Osório hosted by Allan Rhodes (Ouitopia/Reimagina2030)
(2020) In this 8th episode of “Without Bosses” we interviewed Marianne Osório and Charlie Shread from Wondering School. A very interesting conversation for those of us who have a passion about education and the importance of building the foundation of a new society.

School Circles Q&A
(Sesión de Preguntas y Respuestas)

Q&A with Charlie Shread and Marianne Osório, hosted by Allan Rhodes (Ouitopía, 2022)

[English with Spanish subtitles] Después de una exitosa proyección del documental “School Circles”, organizado de forma colectiva entre Ouitopía, Wondering Schools y Sociocracia Práctica, algunos asistentes nos acompañaron a una sesión de preguntas y respuestas con los directores e productores.

Podcast with Marianne Osório, hosted by Lisa Gill at Leadermorphosis (2018)
Marianne researches “liberating education”, according to the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, and shares what she learned from democratic schools in her home country, Brazil, and beyond. We also talk about the School Circles documentary she’s making about schools in the Netherlands using Sociocracy to facilitate dialogue and consent-based decisions amongst students and educators.

Webinar with Marianne Osório and Charlie Shread, hosted by Laureen Golden and Tania Bertolone
Sociocracy in Schools was a webinar hosted by Sociocracy for All during the production of the School Circles documentary in 2017. In this event, pioneering practitioners in education connect with other changemakers, while learning more about Sociocracy in schools. Sociocracy is a framework that allows people to experiment with more harmonious, inclusive, and effective ways of working and making decisions together.

Escola e Liberdade: Experiências ao Redor do Mundo
(School and Freedom: Experiences Around the World)

[Portuguese] Live com Marianne Osório e Ana Carol Thomé (Ser Criança é Natural, 2020)
Conversa sobre escola e liberdade. Marianne conheceu diversas propostas de educação ao redor do mundo e compartilhou suas experiências e aprendizagens, desde a sua atuação na rede pública de São Paulo como professora de Ciências, facilitadora de assembleias de turma e coordenadora do projeto socio-ambiental Ubuntu, até a produção do documentário Escola em Círculos, sobre escolas democráticas na Holanda.

Escola em Círculos (School Circles)

[Portuguese] Live com Marianne Osório e Sergio Tuck (2020)
Falamos de escolas democráticas, educação libertadora, primeiros passos para práticas sociocráticas em educação, decisões por consentimento… Conversamos sobre o Parlamento de Crianças (Índia), Paulo Freire, Yaacov Hecht, José Pacheco, Gerard Endenburg e Derry Hannam. Fizemos uma lista de escolas democráticas, falamos sobre o documentário Escola em Círculos, as escolas sociocráticas na Holanda, os 4 princípios da Sociocracia, CNV, desenvolvimento socioemocional, organização escolar em círculos, cultura democrática…

CollabBlitz: Sociocracia nas Escolas
(Workshop: Sociocracy in Schools)

[Portuguese] Neste Collab Blitz (2021) Marianne Osório faz uma breve apresentação sobre a Sociocracia em escolas, incluindo a exibição de um trecho do seu documentário Escola em Círculos (School Circles), o qual documenta escolas sociocráticas na Holanda. Neste workshop os participantes puderam praticar o processo de tomada de decisão sociocrático,  tendo como base exemplos reais coletados em diversas escolas democráticas pelo mundo.


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