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European Democratic Education Community


EUDEC is a non-profit organisation that promotes and supports democratic education across Europe. We facilitate networking between people and initiatives who are engaged in developing better concepts for education. Our aim is to give children the right to make their own choices regarding their learning and all other areas of everyday life. We think that students should have an equal share in the decision making as to how their schools are run. EUDEC members are individuals, schools and institutions throughout Europe with decades of experience in democratic education, who are working to become the foremost advisory organisation and connective network for European schools and organisations practicing and seeking to develop and promote democracy in education.

LOS Deurne

Sociocratische Leeromgeving


LOS Deurne is a sociocratic learning environment where children and adolescents can learn “for heart and soul”. Instead of classrooms and scheduled lessons LOS Deurne has functional spaces like a kitchen, a library, a laboratory, a workshop and an atelier where people of all ages meet and work individually and/or together on their self chosen activities. All decisions are made in a sociocratic manner. Through the sociocratic circles we get to know and understand ourselves and each other. This way of decision making helps us build a school that’s a safe and comfortable place for all students and coaches. It is also an important step towards responsible citizenship and a practice in social integration.


Mindsteel Music

Executive Producer

Mindsteel is a business platform with the vision of becoming a world reference in a new way of thinking and making business, generating prosperity for the society and members in a sustainable way.

João Sem Medo

Community of Evolutionary Entrepreneurs


We are a community of entrepreneurs with the mission of “breaking down all walls” to the entrepreneurial act, whether material or psychological. We understand that all people can learn the “entrepreneurial method” to build their future. The entrepreneurs are people who seek to ensure their livelihood through the project they develop. Evolutionary because the entrepreneur act begins within us: as we evolve in our human development (inner action) our outer action evolves (our adventure or project). The evolutionary entrepreneurs are those who undertake in their human development, discover the power of collaboration and participation, co-creating their future and their communities and being their organisations, cities, planet.

De Ruimte

Democratische school


Democratic School De Ruimte started in 2003 and it was one of the first democratic schools in the Netherlands. We never stopped believing in ourselves and in transforming the world. So now after 14 years we see a lot of transformation in the education field and that makes us happy. We are the pioneers that can change the world into a more understanding and healthy environment. And we do that together with these fine young people with the wonderful sociocratic tools and use the differences in thinking so we enrich each other and that gives brilliant new ideas and solutions.

Permaculture Children’s House



Permaculture Children’s House is a Thai Foundation that empowers and educate children using the Permaculture ethics and principles: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. It will be an education center based on Permaculture, Self-directed Education, Sociocracy, Agile and Non violent communication. PCH brings global sustainable life solutions, educating children all around the world by creating a network, a framework and knowledge distribution.

Felipe Paiva



As a biologist and filmmaker, I like the process of storytelling that tackle subjects such as environmental and social issues, politics and what pulls it all together, education.

Robert Philippi

Chairman of LOS Deurne Foundation