“Is it Wondering or Wandering School?” – many people ask. “Well, it’s both! We like playing with words.”

Wondering School is part of our journey visiting and learning with schools (i.e. people) around the world. Through WS we hope to share and spread humanizing and liberating education practices within and outside school so we can grow a learning community throughout the journey.

We’ve been in this journey for many years, though only in August 2016 we created WS project. Recently we visited projects, families and schools, participated in events, facilitated dialogues and experiences with educators and students and made videos around recreating school education. On 29th April we chose to live on the road and dedicate ourselves fully to Wondering (and wandering) School. Our home is Big Jo, this pink van behind us – and we’re discovering how to live one day after the other, on a journey that keeps inspiring and encouraging us to recreate school. 

Big Jo 2

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Wondering School is a independent research project with the purpose to explore, learn from and share inspiring education practices that takes us closer to what we call liberating education – so we can build a learning community throughout this journey.
Our experiences within schools and education projects started many years ago, though only in April 2015 we joined together to create Wondering School and share materials about our experiences.
In this map we show all the schools, projects, communities and groups that we have engaged with – some with traditional practices, others with progressive practices (or a mix) – as we have learned with all of them in many different ways.
Some of them we only visited for a day, in others we developed researches and projects, and in a few we have volunteered and worked for months or years – before Wondering School existed. This map is a record of our journey of experiencing and learning with people and we hope to share it with you so can continue exchanging knowledge and growing together.