During our journey into sociocratic schools in the Netherlands for the School Circles documentary, we have experienced several magical moments and here I try to express a bit of this magic.
Both DOE (Democratic Education Eindhoven) and LOS Deurne (Sociocratic Learning Environment) not only practice sociocracy, but are also natural learning environments, where kids and adults can choose what to do and how – as long as they follow the agreements and rules decided collectively through sociocracy. 
We noticed that the combination between natural learning and sociocracy works really well as they balance each other out. It feels like one needs the other to exist, and it is beautiful to experience and see what comes out of this mix.
I describe this as magic because that’s how it feels to me. People find each other on the way, they meet each other and the environment… and magic happens!
The top picture represents this magic to me. If you look with attention you will see what’s happening there. And I can tell more about how this moment emerged:
Two teenagers (Maaike and Max) were playing guitar in the music room. We talked to them about recording a soundtrack for the documentary and they liked the idea. They told us about their band and Max went outside to call the other members so they could play together. Two other boys joined in and the four of them started to play “Seven Nation Army” from The White Stripes…
They were playing with so much passion and skills! It was amazing! So amazing that “suddenly” (it was not accidental, of course), four small girls (around 4 years old) entered the room jumping and dancing with the same passion and energy in which the band was playing. Gradually more girls started arriving and the room filled with people, dancing and singing… We were all there sharing and enjoying that space and that moment together. Gradually the girls started to grab some instruments in the room and play along. One of them went to the small drum kit, looking at the band and copying their movements.
Vlinder, ten years old, came into the room and joined the party.
After the band played, Vlinder sat at the piano and started to play the same music that the band was playing. The girls gradually started to surround her and Vlinder started to teach them the song, note by note. The girls were standing next to the piano, waiting their turn to learn the song, while they watched the others playing.
What are they learning in these schools? You might ask…
These children and young people are not only learning to play music. They are learning to be together, to share a space, to respect, appreciate and take care of each other. They are constantly learning to teach each other, especially by being role models. They are also learning to set limits and boundaries and to respect those boundaries. They are learning to explore and express their bodies, to develop confidence… and so many other abilities, skills, values and subjects that I could never be able to list here.
I simply don’t know completely what they are learning. And how could I know? Maybe they don’t even know fully… and there is time to discover.
What I know is what I experience and feel at the moment, and I can’t quite explain or rationalise it…
That’s why I call it