Engage in discussions

We encourage people to engage in discussions through a critical and sensitive dialogue around themes, questions and ideas that are shared through Wondering School. To avoid the dispersion of comments across the web, we advise people to engage with the discussions mainly on two platforms, our Youtube and Website. Apart from that, you can also join us on Facebook and Twitter, if you prefer.

Schools need to be radically changed in order to become a real place for dialogue, questioning, co-creation and engagement with the community beyond it.

Radicalization involves increased commitment to the position one has chosen, and thus ever greater engagement in the effort to transform concrete, objective reality.  – Paulo Freire

Committed men and women are those who get soaking wet from the water of reality.
– Paulo Freire

It is through the process of engagement and intervention that women and men re-invent themselves and become subjects of their own humanisation.