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Wondering School is a non-profit and independent project with the purpose to explore, learn from and share inspiring education practices that takes us closer to what we call liberating education. Since February 2015 we have visited many schools together including Summerhill in the UK, Projeto Âncora, Escola Lumiar and Politeia Escola Democrática in Brazil, and Escola da Ponte in Portugal.
Wondering School is this journey of learning with existing educational practices. We have visited projects, families and schools, participated in events, facilitated dialogues and experiences with educators and students and made videos around education. We hope to create materials that serve as resources for learning and dialoguing about recreating school education.

Wondering School Liberating Education principles diagram at

To recreate school means to recreate ourselves.

We wish school to become a common place where we can learn the practice of dialogue, freedom and love.

However, no one can teach us that. Liberating education relies on our ability to humanise ourselves, developing our greater potential of consciousness and awareness.

Moreover, freedom is not an end to be achieved, but a state to be constantly practised. Therefore, the journey is our purpose, and through the journey itself we learn together through dialogue and grow a learning community committed to liberating education and the transformation of ourselves, school and society.

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